Discover the Minibeasts in Your Garden with Denise Popat in the Book Signing Event at Bulwell
Get ready Nottingham! Denise Popat is coming with an exciting event you can attend with your kids and family at Austin Street, Bulwell. This is going to be a book signing and storytelling gathering on August 16th from 11 am-2 pm. Make sure to put a reminder to head towards Bulwell Forest Garden on Monday and do not forget to take the kids along. Denise will be reading from her book called ‘Magnificent, Marvellous Minibeasts.’   Magnificent, Marvellous Minibeasts is a children’s read written in an easy manner that the early learners can read for themselves. It is also just as perfect for parents to read to their children. The book takes us into the marvellous world of minibeasts residing in the gardens. The author writes about all the varieties that can be found and also weaves an interesting line of conversation among the creatures.   Denise Popat is a grandmother now and has worked as a nursery and special needs teacher. She likes to create and write stories for children. As the first series of books, she has chosen the theme of minibeast and hopes that schools can also benefit from this series.
16, Aug 2021 - 01, Jan 1970
Moravian Book Store, Bethlehem, Penn