Emily Scialom’s The Rivers to be Featured by The Los Angeles Times
Our wonderful author, Emily Scialom’s new book, The Rivers, will be featured in the Los Angeles Times on 23rd and 24th April 2022. The feature will promote the appearance of her book at the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books. The Rivers is a tale of two British lovers, Elizabeth Dalston and John Cross. It’s an interconnected web of alternative romantic options that emerge instantly after their lawful union. How other people strongly interfere in and hugely affect their relationship makes this book extremely intriguing. The author intends to exhibit the dynamics of the romantic relationship in the 21st-century Britain setting and how Elizabeth and John struggle to save their relationship. It also highlights how their intense love delves further deeply into a wildly passionate one as a consequence of the resistance it is facing for its highly improbable survival. Emily Scialom was born on 27th July 1984 in London. Her family moved to Glastonbury, Somerset, two years after her birth. She graduated in Popular music, Media, and Communications from Liverpool University in 2007 with a Bachelor in Arts degree. Since 1996, she has been living in Cambridge. For the first time, Emily got published as a poet locally in 1992, whereas, after a few years, she got published internationally in 2001.  She made several publications in the Cambridge News. Furthermore, she has the honour of getting published numerous times in magazines like the Standard Issue.
23, Apr 2022 - 24, Apr 2022
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