An Exciting Book Launch Event
Colin McLean, the author of an upcoming book, Angling Around Ireland, is scheduled to host a book launch event on 23 July 2023, Sunday, 07:00 PM, in the Room above McHale’s pub in Castlebar, County Mayo. Angling Around Ireland is the story of an angler in Irish waters. The narrative is a page-turner that immerses readers in the life of the fisherman. The book is available for pre-order and will be released on 21 July 2023. Pre-order the book here. Colin McLean is a Scottish fisherman who lives in Ireland. He worked his way down from a mill to management and consultancy. He is frugal with his fishing gear and cars but not with his time and advice. His partner is a mystery and a blessing.
23, Jul 2023
Saddleworth Institute, Burra Rd, Saddleworth in South Australia