An Exciting Book Launch Event!
We are thrilled to share that Mairi Fraser, the author of ‘Private Matters’, has organized a book launch event. The event will be organized on 3rd October, 6:30-8:30 PM, Nexus Business Space, 21 Young Street, Edinburgh, EH2 4HU. Don’t forget to attend this exciting event! In ‘Private Matters,’ Charles Hamilton, Headmaster of Bartford Academy, faces a dilemma. Leading a prestigious boarding school is a daily struggle with suffocating characters, leading to personal doubt. This book offers a witty and insightful look into the world of British boarding schools, where traditions are challenged, and relationships evolve as summer term comes to an end. You can order the book here. Mairi Fraser is a seasoned journalist who's journeyed from Fleet Street to rural tranquillity. With a career spanning various roles and a knack for storytelling, ‘Private Matters’ is her debut, unshackled from newsroom deadlines.
03, Oct 2023 - 01, Jan 1970
Nexus Business Space, 21 Young Street, Edinburgh, EH2 4HU