Exciting opportunity to meet and Greet Ira David Wood III author of ‘The Russian Galatea’
Award-winning actor-director and playwright Ira David Wood III has arranged a meet and greet event for readers who have loved and appreciated his book ‘The Russian Galatea’. He also intends to entertain the readers with his insight about the book and his very interesting professional journey, to say the least.  The White Army wants to be sure if the last Tsar of Russia, Nicholas Romanov and the entire Romanov family has been actually murdered by Russian Bolsheviks. Detective Nicholas Sokolov is sent to Siberia to investigate, who becomes obsessed with the case. Additionally, there is a deep relationship between the detective and the girl in a faded photograph. A fiction cleverly woven around the historical facts brings out a very intriguing novel. In addition to Ira David Wood, an astounding career as an actor and director he is also a founder and current Executive Director of Theatre in the Park North Carolina.  He and his wife, Ashley are particularly fond of their home North Carolina. With all his professional accomplishments he has also managed to raise three amazing children. To get more details of this event click here
15, Dec 2018
WHSmith’s Maidstone