Expect a web of witchcraft and deceit at the Bartram Trail Library
Rebecca Henry will be at the Bartram Trail Library in Fruit Cove, Florida for a book event. She will discuss her book ‘The Lady Raven’ and tell everyone how this isn’t like the fairytale from their childhoods. The magical fantasy plot of the book tells the story of Zezolla, a princess who is abandoned by her father and she lands in the clutches of an evil stepmother and sisters. But that’s where the comparison with any fairytales ends as readers learn the twisted and macabre events of the story. The cruelty shown to the little princess is beyond anything that she had known before. Her friends, a raven and a wolf, are her only solace. She must find the strength to fight her tormenters and escape on her own. Rebecca loves to travel and she was most inspired by the beauty of English countryside. She is a vegan and loves yoga.
24, Mar 2018 - 01, Jan 1970
Probus at Mold, North Wales CH7 1UL