Feiko Bouman to visit Stanton Library for a talk and Book Signing
A talk and book signing event is being hosted by a local library in honor of ‘Urban Peasant’. Feiko Bouman is requested to deliver a talk and sign copies of his book for readers at Stanton Library, (234 Miller Street, North Sydney, New South Wales, 2060, Australia). This book is a chronical, slightly jumbled but majorly nostalgic. Author has written an autobiography of a very interesting life he had. His parents moved from the homeland rendered inhabitable by Nazi occupation and after effects of WW2 and settled in Australia. There he was given unconventional education until he entered university life. Due to the background of a homeland needing reconstruction, Feiko felt a subconscious need of constructing and got into the field of building and architecture. His venture succeeded massively, with an extravagant opening of his first building for which Queen Elizabeth flew in personally. His designs overtook the market and he published some books about his architectural work. Author had an interesting childhood as a migrant child and his education moved in an unorthodox fashion. He had an interesting university life and some adventures during the ‘sixties’. His career took off quickly and he has a few published books on architecture to his credits. He later moved to his homeland to reconnect with his roots.
11, Dec 2018 - 01, Jan 1970
Clayton Library, 12 Kingsbridge Ave