Gabrielle Walsh Set for An Interview with Gina Gardiner of Genuinely You
Gabrielle (Gay) Walsh, the author of Free Radical, is set to have an interview with Gina Gardiner of Genuinely You on WC4Y. The much-awaited talk will be held on Thursday, 14th October 2021, at the Victorian Pride Centre, 79/81 Fitzroy St., Kilda VIC 3182. The author interview is slated for a 6.30 PM start where the author will discuss her autobiography. Peter Duncan, the father of homosexual law reforms in Australia, is also invited to say a few words. Don’t miss out on this event.   Free Radical is an autobiography of Gabrielle Walsh that relives a period of social and political change. It is the story of a gay rights activist who contributed immensely towards sexual liberation and freeing the world. The book also shares light-hearted stories and details of her family life, set against the backdrop of civil unrest and pivotal historical events. The book is written with warmth and compassion, providing a platform to have much-needed conversations for our societies even today. Order this book now.   Gabrielle (Gay) Walsh is an accomplished author and playwriter who has written on diverse topics and themes. Her works include L’etranger, Habeas Corpus and The Local State, among many. Currently, Gabrielle lives with her partner Aurora in Torres Strait.
14, Oct 2021
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