Garners Garden Centre to host a Book Reading ceremony for Christine Johnson’s Book
Christine Johnson will attend a book reading event at Garners Garden Centre. The author of ‘Max, Mouse and The Doll’s House’ will talk about the book and do a short reading. ‘Max, Mouse and The Doll’s House’ tells the story of Max. He loves to play with the dollhouse at his Nani’s house. What he doesn’t know is that the dollhouse comes to life. Max goes through the dollhouse and finds himself in a jungle with a chimpanzee, who needs Max’s help to find his lost family. He befriends many creatures on this adventure and dodges dangers in the jungle. They must find their new friend’s family and find their way back home. Christine Johnson was born in Staffordshire. She has a daughter and two grandchildren who truly adore her magical stories.
31, Oct 2018
Oswestry Library, Arthur Street, Shropshire