Get a sneak peek into ‘The Phoenix Project’ at a book event
Roger Parkes will take us into the world of intrigue through his book ‘The Phoenix Project’ at the upcoming book event in February at the Stoke Library. The tale begins in the 1960s when the world is going through many different political struggles. Communism has come out as a real threat to the western civilization. In this time of uncertainty the British government calls in Polly Bottomley to look into some Soviet Conspiracies. Polly has experience dealing with covert Soviet movement and she is the one who will explore the mysteries and save the British way of life. Danger, spies and adventure awaits the reader when they dive into this story. Roger is an energy consultant and hails from Coventry, where he got his early education. He has written 2 books to date and hopes to continue giving his fans even more intriguing tales in the future.
02, Mar 2018
Christ Church CE Primary School Warrington