Grab Your Signed Copy of Michael O. Gregory's 'Lady Eleanora'
Join author Michael O. Gregory at The Book Tavern and bag yourself a signed copy of his book 'Lady Eleanora'.  High treason and treachery prevail in this tale of fantasy and romance. A cat burglar, by the name of Eddy the Cat, overhears a plot to assassinate Prince Hugh D'Croix, the Prince of Dunboro. The cobbler whose shop he has just robbed is involved and just before scampering over the rooftops, Eddy the Cat steals a codebook. He soon realises that he is the chief suspect and when trapped in the city concedes that he may as well go to the Palace seeking safety and informing them of the plot. His secret is soon discovered; Eddy the cat is a lass, not a lad. Taken under the wing of Princess Julianna, Eleanora soon becomes a trusted part of the family and is elevated to a Baronet. As a member of the peerage Lady Eleanora travels and meets Crown Prince Ambrose of Turin. They become betrothed but Ambrose's father is concerned that Lady Eleanora is not from the correct background. Lady Eleanora excels in tactics, devotion and sheer force when fighting against an invasion by the Jutes. When the battle is over she is adopted by the royal family and becomes a Princess. Will she get her Prince finally?
26, Aug 2017 - 01, Jan 1970
Trafalgar Square, London WC2N 5DN