Grahame C. W. Howard Will Be Discussing ‘The Norris Sanction’ at the Portobello Book Festival
The Portobello Book Festival is just a month away. It will be starting on Friday – 1st of October and will last till Sunday – the 3rd. Our remarkable author, Grahame Howard, will be a part of the festival.  He will make an appearance to discuss his book which has recently been published. The Norris Sanction is a light-hearted tale filled with humorous actions that befall the lead character.   The Norris Sanction is a story about Andy Norris – a person who dreams about fighting his day-to-day battles and trying hard to have a love life. He somehow finds himself amid an investigation about an attempted assassination on his life. Find out what happens when the authorities in charge try to do a sting operation with Andy as bait. Grab your copy now!   Dr Grahame Howard resides in Norwich. He has been active in the field of medicine. Howard graduated from St Thomas' Hospital School in 1976. He has worked as a junior doctor in Cambridge and London. In 1986, he was appointed as a Consultant Clinical Oncologist in Edinburgh.
03, Oct 2021
Live session over zoom with Pawling Library