Hazel Longley to Get Interviewed on BBC Live.co UK
Our wonderful Hazel Longley, the author of, Wounds That Never Heal... 'Broken', will be interviewed on BBC Live.co UK at 4:00 pm on Tuesday, 7 June 2022. Don’t forget to catch your favourite author and listen to her story. Wounds That Never Heal... 'Broken' is a captivating memoir narrating the author’s life journey. The book presents an insight into her traumatic childhood, adoption and living a hardcore life. Come along and explore the painful path that she chose for her. Order a copy of the book here. At the age of two, Hazel Longley was left in a children’s home by her biological mother. This changed Hazels’ life forever. Her words depict her story of pain, loss and healing.  
07, Jun 2022