Hills Radio will be hosting Kym and Elaine Smith for an Interview
Kym and Elaine Smith are invited by Hills Radio to talk about their book ‘The Elephant That Lost Its Trunk’. The couple has shared a life together and now share the credit of book they have will be talking about on the radio show. ‘The Elephant That Lost Its Trunk’ is an interesting read about an Elephant who was enjoying a splash with his friends. Jim the elephant surfaced from the river water to discover that he has lost his trunk. Distressed and embarrassed he asks his friends to help search for the lost trunk. Read along while they resolve the mystery. Kym and Elaine Smith have three adult children and three grandchildren. They have lived and worked in South Australia. Elaine worked as a nurse, mother and nurse again; Kym was a telecommunications technician until he trained for ordained ministry in the Anglican Church.
30, Jan 2019
British Bookshops & Stationers 17 High St, Uckfield