Icknield Primary School Invites the Incredible Author Yasmin Nahar for Coffee/Morning Talk
The author of Adventures of Zara and Jannat: Bangladesh, Yasmin Nahar will be attending the event of Morning/Coffee talk at Icknield Primary School Birdsfoot Lane, Luton on 11th July 2019 arranged for parents. Yasmin will be reading her debut book to parents. It is a great opportunity for the parents and book lovers to meet the author and ask her questions about her expedition as a writer. Morning coffee will also be served to the audience. The startling story of Adventures of Zara and Jannat: Bangladesh is about two young girls Jannat and Zara who plan to go on a kite adventure happening in Bangladesh. They are unaware of the surprise that is awaiting them in Bangladesh. Fly away with Zara and Jannat to Bangladesh, to know what voyage awaits them? The bewildering author Yasmin Nahar hails from Luton, Bedfordshire. She is a strong lady who is a single mum. She is disabled but living her life fully. She has a BSc Degree in Computer and Internet.
11, Jul 2019
Chapters Bookstore in St. Catharines Ontario Canada.