Indigo Spirit to Host Book Signing of ‘Forgetting the Dreamtime’ by G.V. Loewen
The Indigo Spirit bookshop in Vancouver will be hosting the book signing ceremony of ‘Forgetting the Dreamtime’ which is written by G.V. Loewen. The author will spend the afternoon there for the promotion of his book. This book is about the struggles of a teenage girl who had enough of following her parent’s intense rules. She becomes rebellious and disobedient against the strict way of life. Once she finds herself in the midst of this intriguing mystery and it is not anything that her willful imaginations could have ever imagined. In order to overcome it, she will have to give every drop of the power of her faith. This is a character which at first people will dislike but later on admire it for its brave and intelligent nature. The author, G.V. Loewen is from Canada and is a philosopher. He has written more than 20 books on the topics of art, ethics, religion, and politics. He has also remained a professor in Canada and US for the past 25 years.
13, Oct 2018 - 01, Jan 1970
Sudbury Library