J. D. Welch Will Be Attending a Book Signing Event at WHSmith Manchester
A Book Signing event is being hosted at WH Smith, Manchester, which will be attended by J.D. Welch to promote her three books titled as ‘The Quantum Code’, ‘The Einstein Code’ and ‘The Darwin Code’. The author will be present there for a few hours, so be sure to reach in time to get your signed copy of the books. Three books titled as ‘The Quantum Code’, ‘The Einstein Code’ and ‘The Darwin Code’ are children’s adventure books full of mysteries, riddles and puzzles. Young Ben Baxter and his mother Sue escape a series of unfortunate events that require solving puzzles. The books are targeted towards keeping the family safe and will keep you curious until after you have turned the last page. J. D. Welch was born and raised in Stockport. As a child, she enjoyed reading, puzzles and listening to music. Her passion for those only grew with her. She graduated from Oxford with a degree in Chemistry and worked with multiple firms in different marketing management roles. After becoming a mother, she chose to focus more on writing and caring for her children and parents.
19, Jan 2019 - 01, Jan 1970
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