Jacqueline Carpenter to Attend a Book Launch Event of Her Book ‘Louisa’ In Spain
Jacqueline Carpenter is excited to invite you to the book launch event of her book ‘Louisa’ in Spain. Harry’s Bar will be hosting the book launch event where the author will introduce her debut novel. ‘Louisa’ is a novel set in pre World War II times and pictures the life of a young 15-year-old girl Louisa, living a happy contented life in London. However, the war changes that and a lot of other things. How much strength it would take to survive what war brings? Jacqueline Carpenter is a loving wife and mother of two adult children. She was initially from Essex but these days she spends a lot of her time in Spain. She enjoys the company of gorgeous Spanish people. She also adores the weather and delicious healthy food of Spain. She loves, walking along the beach, chanting and dancing.
01, Feb 2019
Garstang Library