James Cairns McMahon to Be the Spotlighter in Scotland's International Crime Writing Festival
The spotlight is ‘ON’ for New Crime Writers in Scotland's International Crime Writing Festival called Bloody Scotland. Our ambitious author, James McMahon, is a part of the showcase. The event will be taking place in the Golden Lion and James will read from his book on 18th Sept. at10:15 pm. Mark the date and time on your calendars, and don't miss out on this crime-filled fun.   Parallax is a crime thriller that will have the readers guessing how a fatal accident can change a person's life. Ian White is a professional golf player and a family man. He has to face difficult situations with every decision he takes. After the death of Katerina, a woman who he accidentally killed, he faces a choice to either live with a guilty conscience or hides his shame. Will he report his crime? Grab a copy to find out.   James Cairns McMahon has had a varied career. He has worked as an entrepreneur, tax inspector, accountant and has written and published many technical books. Parallax is his first crime book.
18, Sep 2021
Holm Primary School in Inverness