James Quinn to Attend a Book Signing Event at Barnes and Noble
On Sunday 12th January 2020, fiction writer James Quinn will be attending his book signing event at Barnes and Noble, Palmdale, California to promote his book, Nightshades of New Orleans. The book signing will be a great opportunity for fans and avid readers to ask him any questions about his book. James may also read some of his favourite excerpts from the book, so this event is a must-visit for all his book fans.   The book Nightshades of New Orleans is an epic thriller set in the mysterious state of New Orleans with all its spooky environment and colourful history of carnivals like the Mardi Gras. The novel is a character-driven story choked with suspense and many diabolical twists and turns that make it an interesting read. New Orleans is famous for its colourful history that includes some notorious hauntings and mayhem which attracts thousands of visitors every year.   The author is an attorney by profession who enjoys writing mystery, thrillers and fiction. James lives in Southern California and has also written the well-received novel titled The Vampire’s Orchids.
12, Jan 2020 - 01, Jan 1970
Rishton Library, Lancashire