Jason Warren Will Be Interviewed by Unity Radio
Our brilliant author, Jason Warren, is all set to appear on Unity Radio on the evening of 4th September 2021, Saturday. Jason’s interview on the show will definitely brighten up your weekend. His young adult novel, Tarak’s Dust of Desire, is an undiscovered beauty. Through this interview, you can discover the amazing author that Jason is and also find out more about his book. So, do not forget to tune in to Unity Radio on Sunday evening.   Tarak’s Dust of Desire is a story of time travel, where a character belonging to a special tribe of the 19th century finds himself landing in the contemporary world. He doesn’t get scared though, rather sets out to acquire modern-day education and culture. Still, his mind cannot help but compare the two very contrasting times and spaces he has come to experience. A very interesting read it is; hurry up and get your copy here.   Jason Warren will sure hold anyone captive through his raw and prolific writing. Magic being one part, he does not lay down his plots afar from the real world and is contributing very constructively to the existing fictional literature.
04, Sep 2021
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