Jeffrey Manship Will Be Attending the Book Signing Event at Arnold Library, Nottingham
The author of Smokescreen, Jeffrey Manship is all set for the book-signing event at Arnold library, Nottingham on 19 June 2019. Book readers have a great chance to meet him and know about his personal life experience as a postman. He has a message for you all, ‘I would like to thank the reading café group for inviting me and all concerned with setting up my visit. I will be giving a talk about my debut novel “Smokescreen”, offering a bit of an insight into my journey to becoming a writer and answering any questions. I am looking forward to the experience and hope to see a good turnout so please feel free to attend if you have a couple of hours to spare. There will be the opportunity to buy my book which I will sign if you so wish’. The book Smokescreen is a contemporary thriller about a viral disease that has erupted from the use of local cigarettes made in a local tobacco company. Jake Kolman while performing his duty as a postman gets attacked by an infected person. He survives the attack but his attacker dies. He uncovers the local tobacco factory that is spreading the viral disease through its products. Alongside his partner Suzanne Deering who happens to be the daughter of the owner of the factory, finds out a dreadful reality that will put everyone’s life at risk. Find out whether the pair would be able to overcome the life-threating hurdles in their hunt to beat the viral disease? The writer Jeffrey Manship was born in 1957 in Winchester and completed his education in a local comprehensive. He has 37 years of experience as a postman. He took early retirement to pursue his lifelong dream of becoming an author. He has six lovely children. He is a big lover of sports and enjoys his time playing different outdoor games.
19, Jun 2019
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