Jenny Dunbar is Appearing at Oundle Bookshop
Head to Oundle Bookshop between 10am and 1pm to meet the author Jenny Dunbar. She will be there signing copies of her book 'Thoughts of Time'. Get the chance to meet your local author and poet. Poetry and conversation with this author will make for a great event. Have your book signed and then talk about the complexity and wonderful nature of poetry. In Summer Linen, Jenny Dunbar contrasts "The citrus hay days, apple dawn and wood warm," against "the glass edged ice horn of the winter visitor who made old, hunched creatures of us all." The poem highlights the main themes of the collection; the passing of time, and the sublime power and beauty of nature. With time comes memories; love, laughter, and contemplation echo through the poems. In Last, Dunbar questions, "Where were you as the world tipped? The city spewed. The last tree split." Meanwhile in The Excite, she reminisces of "Rain in summer on a warm night, sounds on mellow wood, under my feet as we stand, undone and freely innocent." Balancing light and dark, Thoughts of Time, An Anthology, is a collection to absorb, revisit and enjoy.
14, Jan 2017 - 01, Jan 1970
Blackbushe Air Show, Camberley, Surrey GU17 9LQ