Joan Shirley-Davis to Attend Author Talk for Her Book Alyona’s Voice at Oswestry Library
Joan Shirley-Davis will be attending an author talk at the Oswestry Library, in the heart of Shropshire. This event will take place on Wednesday the 11th December from 1pm to 2pm. During the event, Joan will talk about her incredible true story that inspired her to write her second book; Alyona’s Voice. Alyona’s Voice is the second book in the trilogy following Money is Easy. Alyona’s Voice tells the story of a woman named Claudia, and follows the feud that she has with her mother. This feud ultimately leads Claudia to plunge headlong into another personal crisis when she meets Fraser Gallier. Claudia wants nothing more than her normal, orderly life back together but this is impossible, as old heartaches return and new and painful challenges must be met. Joan Shirley-Davies lives in Shropshire with her actor husband. She always wanted to be a writer and an actress, as she loves to entertain and communicate with people. Although Joan loved acting, she hated the life, so she wrote plays instead. Her trilogy of books marks her transition from playwright to novelist.
12, Nov 2019 - 01, Jan 1970
Hackney Community Centre, London