John Bell to visit ‘Basingstoke Discovery Centre’ for Book Reading Event
The author of the book, ‘Epitaph on a Beech Tree- A Tale of the Great War’, John Bell is going to visit ‘Basingstoke Discovery Centre’ for a book reading event. The libraries across Hampshire are doing WW1 commemoration events throughout October and November. ‘Epitaph on a Beech Tree’ is a book about the Great War that changed the lives of many. WW1 and the destruction that it brought can never be forgotten, neither can it be healed. Ben Robinson’s story comes under the same conditions when he was living happily before the war. Ben was a miner who became a dispatch rider during the era of War. He had strong disagreements with the concepts of ‘Kings, Country, and religion’. But he served well in the military and earned a Military Medal. His life was all about finding his lost spirituality and his true sense of purpose. The author, John Bell was born into a working class family in the city of Nottingham. He is a successful musician and a well- known humanitarian.
09, Nov 2018 - 01, Jan 1970
Camelford Library