John M. Taylor Will Be Attending the Book Signing Event at Waterstones Kings Lynn
Waterstones Kings Lynn invites the author John M. Taylor to attend the book signing event for his book I Will Find You on 13th July 2019. John will be speaking about his inspirations and motivations that get from his surroundings. The book readers have a brilliant chance of meeting their favourite author. The book I Will Find You revolves around a young lad Robbie Spalding whose life is filled with miseries. His adulthood is disturbed after learning his true identity. He leaves Dr Barnardos’ home in Cambridge and starts a new life by transforming himself into Nick Thorne. It also stages the unforgiving and irretrievable outcomes of the wartime that started in Fenland near Ely and spreading through Australia. Robbie learns about the true colours of this world. What is fated for Robbie? How would his transformation take place? Find out in the story that’ll keep you hooked till the last page.
 The author John M. Taylor is the father of three. He has extensive experience of working and serving in more than 20 countries. He was born in Ely in 1944 and now lives in Cambridge.
13, Jul 2019
Debolt Library in Debolt, Alberta, Canada