Join Elaine Trimlett Glover for her interview with UCB United Broadcasting
Get ready for an incredible event that will take place on Wednesday, 25th November. Author, Elaine Trimlett Glover, got invited for an interview by the UCB United Broadcasting at 7 Tree hamlets Upton Dorset. She will be discussing her book, Don’t Take Care, Take Risks. The Interview will start at 11:00 am.   Don’t Take Care, Take Risks is a moving autobiography that lets the reader experience the ups and downs of the author’s life. After losing her love, she somehow lost herself. As she finds herself, she receives a call that will change her life. Life will send her on an adventure on which she might find herself and new friendships.    Elaine Trimlett Glover has always had a fondness for English literature. This fondness is due to the influence of her teachers in Stonehill and Longslade school. She has a strong faith in terms of religion. Elaine has served as a missionary in Baghdad, rural Kenya, and Iraq. In a position responsible for the infrastructure and girls’ education.
25, Nov 2021
BBC Radio, Surrey@Sussex