Join Gail Simpkins at the Max Webber Function Centre
Gail Simpkins, author of 'Praying for Strawberries', will be at the Max Webber Fuction Centre on Thursday 23rd November.  Join Gail for a reading of her book and even get the chance to quiz Gail on 'Praying for Strawberries'. You may even be able to get yourself a signed copy! Have you ever wondered what an Autism Assistance Dog does? Or about the unique perspective of a person living with autism? Through his mother's diary, follow nine-year old Lachlan's journey with his new friend "Itsal" the Labrador as they navigate the world together with Lachlan achieving one of his many dreams and goals-learning to surf! Read about the fantastic improvements Itsal makes to Lachlan's life, and how he strengthens and supports Lachlan and his family.   "Praying for Strawberries is a remarkable story of the daily real life events of a mother, a child and a family whose testimony to the joys and sorrows of a normal family who have been blessed as they travel with each other on a journey where each day unfolds with many surprises not planned for. It is this uncertainty that can be both exhilarating and challenging. The reader will not remain untouched."  - Trevor R Parmenter AM, Professor Emeritus, Sydney Medical School, University of Sydney    
23, Nov 2017
6500 Landsdowne Ctr , Alexandria, VA 22315, Alexandria, VA 22315, United States