Join J.D. Welch for a Code Cracking Session at Wilmslow Library
Join J.D. Welch, author of 'The Einstein Code' and 'The Darwin Code', at Wilmslow Library for an interesting code cracking session. The session will run from 11am to 12pm. You will get the chance to ask J.D. Welch all your code cracking questions and maybe even bag yourself a signed copy of one of her books.  'The Einstein Code': Ben's mother has been kidnapped and the adults don't believe it. They think she's just missing and her employers and the police don't really want to know. The meeting she attended, after all, never took place. But the message she sent Ben tells a different story. To find his mum Ben must follow a perilous trail and solve a series of difficult clues, whilst evading being captured by the kidnappers. With help from his alarmingly clever cousins, Jess and Freddie, as well as some hindrance from his uncle, he investigates her mysterious disappearance. Tormented by conflicting leads and a growing threat, Ben's search becomes increasingly desperate. Can he solve the puzzles and save her, before anything terrible happens to her - or him? 'The Darwin Code': In her book 'The Darwin Code' J.D. Welch uses her love of science and puzzles to help her characters try to solve two mysteries whilst also delivering an interesting and understandable insight into human genetics. Set against a backdrop of the streets and colleges of Oxford, a story of intrigue and suspense unfolds. When young Ben Baxter and his mother Sue escape from a horrific ordeal, their lives remain in danger as they race to prevent a deadly poison being launched. For Ben, this also brings the opportunity to discover the answer to a very important question; who is his father?
22, Aug 2017 - 01, Jan 1970
186 Eastern Ave, Southend-on-Sea SS2 4BA