Join Kari Kakkonen on Exactpro’s Webinar on Software Testing for Children and Adults
We are excited to announce that our very talented, Kari Kakkonen, will be appearing in a webinar by Exactpro on 19 August at 16.00 CET/18.00 GET. In the webinar, he will be talking about his book, Dragons Out, and the work he is doing in software testing advocacy among children and young adults. You can sign up and get yourself registered for this webinar through this link and get a chance to win a free copy of the book.   Dragons Out is a book written for children to learn software testing in a fun and easy way. It has stories about dragons and knights and a village. Children can read it on their own or with their parents. This book is not age-specific and anyone who wants to learn about software testing will enjoy reading it. This is the story of two children, Laura and Tom, who tumble into the world of dragons and knights. These dragons actually represent software defects and the knights represent testers and developers. The book helps learn through reading-parallels. Although the book is written for children, it is suitable for anyone from ages 9-99.   Kari Kakkonen has experience of working for over twenty years in software testing. His company, Dragons Out Oy, focuses on promoting software testing among children. He is an active conference speaker, trainer and consultant in reputable organizations. Apart from spending time with family, Kari enjoys snowboarding, singing, reading, and kayaking.
19, Aug 2021
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