Join Kari Kakkonen In His Book Launch Party on Microsoft Teams
Kari Kakkonen, the author of Dragons Out, is arranging a virtual launch party for his book, aimed at nine to eleven-year-old kids. The virtual event will be held on 7th October 2021, at 4 PM GMT on Microsoft Teams. Our Author Kari Kakkonen has 25 years of experience in software testing. His new book teaches software testing in a fun way. If you would like to attend this virtual launch party, send an email to   Dragons Out is a children’s book about knights and dragons that also enables young children to learn about software testing in a fun way. Laura and Tom tumble into dragons who are annoying the villagers. They get to know about different dragons and how to defeat them with the help of knights. The author combines his passion for software testing with fantasy to create an enjoyable read for children. Kari Kakkonen is the Secretary of ISTQB, the largest software testing organization in the world. He is also the co-author of Agile Testing Foundations and an active conference speaker.  
07, Oct 2021
WHSmith High Street, Uxbridge