Join Richard Bloss and Barney the Dog at Hull Waterstones
Richard Bloss, author of 'About a Dog', will be at Waterstones Hull with the main man himself, Barney the dog, on Saturday 28th October from 10am.  ‘Barney the dog is a Westie crossed with a Cairn terrier.' More than that, Barney is, for Richard Bloss, ‘...a dishevelled scrap with his own distinct personality and character.' In 'About a Dog' Richard Bloss describes the adventure of owning a dog: the relationship with Boh the cat, the desperate need for chewsticks, the joy of walkies and the fear when cute little Barney goes walkies all on his own in next door's garden.  Delightfully illustrated and written with charming comedy, 'About a Dog' will be familiar territory for dog lovers; showing the trials and tribulations - but more importantly, the joy - of owning a rapid-moving, sentient ball of fur.
28, Oct 2017 - 01, Jan 1970