Join Sanjeev Shetty at His Book Signing Event at the Princess Victoria
Our renowned author, Sanjeev Shetty, will be hosting a book signing event for his novel, Who is Jeff Walker? The event is scheduled at Princess Victoria, 217 Uxbridge Road, Shepherd’s Bush, London, W12 9DH, on 2nd December 2022, from 7:00 PM to 12:00 AM. The novel Who is Jeff Walker? follows Jeff Walker, a golfer who is considered one of the top players in the world. Suddenly, things changed when he was highlighted in controversial posts on social media and received death threats. What happened next is a mystery. Buy the book here to find out more. Sanjeev Shetty lives with his wife and two kids. He has worked in journalism and politics for almost four decades. He has written two other books, No Middle Ground and a biography of Lionel Messi.
01, Dec 2022 - 02, Dec 2022
Portobello Library