Join Stuart Rees at Shoalhaven Library in Nowra
Stuart Rees, author of 'A Lover's Country', will be at Nowra Library on Wednesday 8th November at 5:30pm.  Stuart will be giving a reading and taking part in a Q&A session. You might even be able to grab yourself a signed copy of the book. In the course of their passionate relationship, Tom Markson and his much younger Jewish lover Naomi Branath support a Palestinian leader, Fadeela Qubra who has been awarded an international prize for peace and who knows the details of a murder and a massacre. Fierce opponents of Dr. Qubra want her story suppressed and the award to her cancelled. Tom and Naomi find the courage and the stamina to resist the opposition and eventually enable Fadeela to leave Ramallah, fly to Australia to tell her story and receive her award. Despite death threats and opposition from powerful lobbies, human rights are upheld, love triumphs and the story is told. Told with a compelling immediacy, 'A Lover's Country' sheds light on the intrigue, struggle and behind-the-scenes wrangling associated with the nomination of a Palestinian woman as the recipient of a major peace prize. With a cast of memorable characters, a tightly crafted plot and touches of memorable poetry, A Lover's Country is an illuminating tale of justice with a hard won message of hope. In particular it is a must-read for anyone interested in the current plight of the Palestinians, Arab Israeli relations, and the presentation of these questions by the Western media. - William Lane Author of the highly acclaimed novels, Over the Water and The Horses This is a beautifully written and engaging story. It traces the kind of love that can only develop when people fight for the rights of others and never waver despite incessant and dangerous opposition. In events set largely in San Francisco, London, Sydney, Jerusalem, and Ramallah, that opposition includes powerful politicians and a compliant media who try to stifle accounts of a murder and a massacre. In spite of the pressures which confront them, the leading characters weather the storms and show how courage defeats compromise, principle overcomes pragmatism and how the passion of gutsy individuals lives up to the ideals of 'A Lover's Country'. - Adam Courtenay Author of the dramatic, revealing history Amazon Men
08, Nov 2017
205 E Grand St, Monticello, IA 52310, USA