Judith Snell Visits Urmston Library
The grasshopper is an amazing creature, and extremely peculiar. If you're a fan of insects, then join Judith Snell, author of the hoppingly good 'Fun Facts About Familiar Insects: The Grasshopper'. The book that lets you glimpse into the life of one of your garden's most interesting creatures. "We jump, we spit, we eat a lot, we speak in a strange way. When cooked we are quite tasty, at least that's what you say. To find out more about us why don't you take a look, and learn some more about us - it's all inside this book!" Explore the world of grasshoppers and find out more about how they live and what they do. You will discover that they have many interesting and amusing habits and characteristics!
07, Mar 2017
121 High Rd, London N2 8AG