Julie D. Jones Invited as a Guest Speaker on BBC Radio Devon
Our author, Julie D. Jones, is invited as a guest speaker on BBC Radio Devon’s breakfast show on Wednesday, 28th July 2021 at 11 AM. The author will be having a candid conversation with David Fitzgerald and Michael Chequer about her crime book, Moorland Forensics - Conspiracy of Souls. Julie D. Jones will also discuss other current issues of the day. Conspiracy of Souls is a crime-thriller story about the disappearance of two teenage girls under mysterious circumstances. After 30 years, fresh graves of the two girls are found, followed by a gruesome murder of an artist. The police task force gets assigned to uncover the links to the murders and solve the perplexing case. Will the police finally unwrap the mystery? Or will the number of deaths start piling up again? Read the book to find out. Julie D. Jones is a crime-novel writer and a journalist. Apart from that, she is a classically trained flautist and a skilled horse rider as well. Born in Devon, Julie grew up in South Hams near Kingsbridge. Conspiracy of Souls is her second novel, set to release on 30th July 2021. Don’t miss out!
28, Jul 2021