Julie Robinson, the Author of the Mysterious Boy, Is Excited for Upcoming School Visit
Milford on Sea Church of England Primary School is hosting an event where they have invited Julie Robinson to introduce her darling fiction book The Mysterious Boy. Julie will be interacting with students and reading from her book for them. The Mysterious Boy is an interesting book with two siblings as central characters. Sarah and Mark are twins who are visiting Cornwall for a holiday. Twins explored the surrounding and discovered an abundance house with overgrown garden and neglected swimming pool. Things get very exciting as they meet this mysterious boy. Is he a ghost? Was he responsible for the famous big fire? Julie Robinson lives in Cornwall and has worked as N.H.S before her retirement. She lives in her nice house with her husband and their loving dog. She is also a mother to a lively daughter and four wonderful grandchildren. Her hobbies include colouring with watercolours and reading.
25, Apr 2019 - 01, Jan 1970
Hills Radio, Australia