Kelly Wright, the Author of ‘The Bluebell Wood’ is Invited by a Local School for Book Reading
Heatherton school is hosting a book reading event for which Kelly Wright is invited. Kelly will be reading from her children’s book ‘The Bluebell Wood’. The event is aimed to provide young students exposure to books and develop a reading habit. ‘The Bluebell Wood’ is an interesting picture book for young readers, with illustrations of bluebell wood and animals that lived there. A young girl visited them every day and made sure not to squish any bluebells which are very delicate. Kelly Wright is a resident of Berkhamsted, she enjoys working with pre-school age children at a local school. As a child herself, she used to visit a bluebell wood very similar to the one illustrated in her book.
05, Mar 2019
Woodhall Spa, Coronation Hall