Ken Melber at the Boston Spa Festival!
Join Ken Melber, author of 'A Brush With Chaos', at the Boston Spa Literary Festival on the Saturday 15th July. Ken and two other authors will be at the Methodist Hall speaking about their novels and how they were created. There will also be a Q&A session. Make sure you come along for your chance to find out all about 'A Brush With Chaos'. Karl and Anna consider themselves to be veterans of Africa, having spent three years teaching in Uganda during the brutal despotic rule of Idi Amin Dada. In this semi-autobiographical novel set in the 1970s, they take a teaching post in Nigeria, with the promise of adventure, a high wage, affordable help and the allure of the African pace of life. Were they brave or foolhardy? Perhaps a bit of both. Before leaving, Karl receives a letter from an old friend with the warning to ‘Remember, Nigeria is not Uganda,' which he elects to withhold from Anna who is pregnant with their first child. Living in a remote area of central Nigeria, in a house without electricity and running water, they both need and find the resilience to help them cope with their struggles with culture shock, maladministration, chaos, apathy, violence and bribery, interspersed with moments of humour, happiness and joy.
15, Jul 2017 - 01, Jan 1970
Hanwell Arms Rotary Way, Oxfordshire OX16 1ER