Land and Sea Brewery to host the book launch of Jim Toomey’s ‘We were Tourists’
The Land and Sea Brewery at Noosaville will be hosting a book launch ceremony for ‘We were Tourists’. The author, Jim Toomey, will be present at the event to promote his book. Jim has written recollected his thoughts and history and put them all in this book. It encloses stories from his life when he was a part of the band and his travels around the world. He was among the founding members of the musical group as they crafted their way to amazing heights of success. Gigs, TV appearances and the tours around the world are all told from the lens of the man behind the drums. In a series of anecdotes, we find some fast pace, crazy and unforgettable adventures as they travel around the world and get into some amazing and hilarious situations. Jim Toomey is living in Brisbane after spending a life full of travel. He still plays gigs in a jazz and blues trio. He has recently turned towards writing and acting.
19, Oct 2018
Foys Arcade, Level 6, 246 Bourke St, Melbourne, Australia