Land & Sea Noosa Brewing Company to Host Book Launch of ‘We were Tourists’
Author of the book, ‘We were Tourists’, Jim Toomey will be going to Land & Sea Noosa Brewing Company, Noosaville for his book launching ceremony. The place will be filled with local folks where Jim will discuss his book and the inspiration behind it. This book is a memoir of a drummer who saw the world and was part of a successful band in the late seventies. ‘The Tourists’ was the name of the band which discovered their music and voice in early times and was appreciated by many around the world. This is a story of the band’s journey and an insight in their work told by the man sitting behind the drums. There is a fun side of this job but the work, creativity and the pressure of seemingly endless work are all the trajectories of this band. The author, Jim Toomey is living in Brisbane after spending most of his life in traveling. He still plays in occasional gigs in jazz and has recently turned to writing.
19, Oct 2018
Bosworth Battlefield Heritage Centre and Country Park