Launch of Margaret Parry’s Book is set at Waterstones, Northallerton
‘The War Poets and the Diary of an Ordinary Tommy: Convergence, Class and Transmission’ will launch in April at the Waterstones, Northhallerton. Margaret takes a deep look at a RAMC soldier’s account of the war. The soldier was her grandfather but she never knew him. She goes on the same journey that he made in 1916. From front lines to the army camps, she visits them all and speaks to people about what they can tell her about that period. The research and the personal notes of her grandfather helped her to paint a picture of true war. Margaret Parry has devoted her professional career to literature. She has worked as a teacher and a writer. She is currently working on different projects in the literary world, like poetry and memoirs.
07, Apr 2018
Coventry Central Library, Smithford Way, Coventry CV1 1FY