Leanne Hill at Port Macquarie Library
Leanne Hill will be performing a reading of Creaturmals Adventure Series Book 1: Making Friends at Port Macquarie Library on Saturday 10th December at 10.30am. The tale was illustrated by Topeka based illustrator Rob Peters, and the project was overseen by Dr Philip Gordon. For author Leanne Hill, creating the Creaturmals' story has been a lifelong journey. She says: "I am very excited as I am almost ready to introduce my special friends to the world. I am writing these books for my children, grandchildren and all individuals that are children at heart and who still allow themselves the pleasure of the greatest gift of all, the imagination." "My aim is to educate the children on a wide range of issues and dangers, plus also engage them with their imagination, allowing them to experience all the beauty that surrounds them, seen or unseen. My stories will capture and bring back the imagination, which is something so valuable that seems to getting lost in this busy life filled with technology." Finding endless inspiration in the smiles that adorn the faces of those who share in her stories - including her own children and grandchildren, Leanne promises that more adventures will follow soon!
10, Dec 2016