Learn about Soulmates from the ‘Purple Michaelmas’ Author
Patricia Hutson will be at Author Essex Day for a Pop Up Podium and book reading of her romance novel ‘Purple Michaelmas’, published by Austin Macauley Publishers. The plot explores the complication of finding your soulmate when both of you are married to other people. The first instinct would be to leave everything and be with that person but all the responsibilities of life cannot be ignored. That is the situation in which Vicki finds herself in. She is a medium and learns that when the purple Michaelmas flowers something great will happen but it will also bring her heartbreak. Will she be able to deal with the pain that comes with the pleasure? Patricia is a Medium and has travelled and lived in many different countries. Her hobbies include history, reading and archaeology.  She would love to travel more.
17, Mar 2018 - 01, Jan 1970
St Mary’s University,Twickenham