Leonora Langley to Attend a Book Signing and Author Talk at the Rose Hill School
Rose Hill School is conducting a Wellness Week for highlighting the significance of the psychological well-being of the children. They’ve invited Leonora Langley as a part of their regime. Leonora will be attending her book signing and author talk for her upcoming publication, Let the Souls of our Children Sing, at this Wellness Week at Rose Hill School, Tunbridge Wells, Kent, on Wednesday 4th May 2022. Let the Souls of our Children Sing emphasizes the significance of ensuring the emotional well-being of the school-going children. It’s a gem for parents, educators, and child-carers alike. It’s a parental guide that brings about a paradigm shift toward the whole Child Raising Process.  It suggests many practical reforms in the current educational system. It emphasizes acquiring a qualitative methodology for gauging the learning of students instead of using traditional quantitative questionnaires. She also suggests that the arts and creativity of kids should be equally valued like futuristically more lucrative subjects such as; logic and cognition. Leonora Langley started her career in the 70s as a teacher, and in the 80s, she acquired journalism by launching her magazine, The Hollywood Reporter. After 1988, she became an editor of Elle Magazine and worked with Bon Appetit Magazine. Leonora L. resumed teaching after moving back to the UK in the early 90s and left some remarkable landmarks of success there. She specialized in Music, Drama, and English and has worked with world-renowned firms such as Glyndebourne Opera. Currently, she is working as a counsellor and a piano tutor.
04, May 2022
BBC Radio Jersey