Leonora Langley Will Be Interviewed on the BBC Radio Jersey
BBC Radio Jersey is going to interview our amazing author, Leonora Langley. The interview will be broadcasted on Saturday, 8th August at 9.10 am. The intent of the interview is to talk to Leonora about her brilliant book called Let the Souls of Our Children Sing. Looking at the many capacities in which Leonora has served over the years in the UK and the USA, our advice will be to not miss out on this talk. So, save the date, set a reminder and tune in to BBC Radio Jersey.   Let the Souls of Our Children Sing contains some important thoughts the author has developed over the years while working as a teacher of music and drama. She connects her observations with contextual changes the world is witnessing and propagates pressingly that unless we do not polish and attend to our children’s creativity and curiosity in education, we will fail to outgrow our current condition. Her argument is well-constructed and forces the reader to think likewise.   Leonora Langley has worked professionally as a teacher, a journalist and a counsellor. She excelled in whatever she did. As a journalist, she remained the editor and a regular contributor to various magazines. She made sure to add her apt innovation to every role she assumed.
08, Aug 2021
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