Leonora Langley Will Make an Appearance on 107 Meridian Radio, East Grinstead
Our incredible author, Leonora Langley, is being invited over to various shows on radio and TV. This time, on 22nd September, Wednesday, she will be in conversation with Samantha Day on 107 Meridian Radio in East Grinstead. You can tune into the ‘Open For Business Show’ at 10.10 am to hear Leonora talk about her life and book.   Leonora Langley has had a remarkable career in education and journalism. She is now both an educator and a counsellor at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama. She started her career as a teacher in the 1970s. The 1980s saw her rise as a journalist. She moved to the USA during this time and edited numerous magazines. When she moved back to the UK, she resumed her teaching career in English, music and drama.   Leonora bears the soul of an educator, and this is pretty apparent from her book, Let The Souls of Our Children Sing. Children’s mental health and wellbeing is the subject of this book. Leonora puts an added emphasis on the need for the educational system to reform along the lines that it becomes more open to arts. Her book suggests this as the only way to refill hope and imagination in the otherwise hollow and void minds and souls.
22, Sep 2021
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