Leonora Langley Will Make an Appearance on Radio Maidstone in the Sunday Brunch Show
Our incredible author, Leonora Langley, is being invited over to various shows on radio and TV. This time, on 26th September, Sunday, she will be in conversation with Cassie Beckley at Radio Maidstone on her Sunday Brunch Show at noon. Do not forget to tune in and listen to your favourite author as she talks about her life and her writing.   Leonora’s book, Let The Souls of Our Children Sing, expands over a less discussed idea – the emancipation of our children. This educational book not just speaks about the mental health needs of children but also what must change at the systemic level to meet these needs. The book suggests that the schooling of children must take place in an environment that gives room and an outlet to children’s creative abilities. It is in this creative expression that their freedom lies.   Leonora Langley is an educator of repute. Currently teaching music and drama, she integrates pedagogy with ensuring the mental soundness of those receiving the education. It is for this belief that she also extends counselling services to her students. Leonora has also worked as an editor for various lifestyle magazines in the US.
26, Sep 2021
Orange County Children’s Book Festival