Let’s meet Richard Bloss and Barney the Dog
They say some are born dog people. And some become. While pets are the perfect companion, dogs are a man’s best friend.   So, what are your plans for the day? For Barney, it’s mostly chasing his own tail and running around the garden once he’s tired chasing his tail. The Westie crossed Cairn terrier is full of life with a distinct personality and character. Join Devonshire’s author, Richard Bloss, alongside the champ himself as he shares about his adventures with Barney at an assembly and workshop regarding his book, 'About a Dog'.   The book takes you through the journey of owning a dog, as well as Barney’s relationship with Boh the cat, his desperate need for chewsticks, love for walks and his fears, while exploring the next-door neighbour’s garden.  
27, Oct 2017 - 01, Jan 1970
Market Square, Tanderagee, Bailieborough, Co. Cavan, Ireland