Listen to Gilly Sloper on Coast FM
Tune into Coast FM Thursday afternoon to listen to the fantastic Gilly Sloper talking about her debut novel 'The Fairies of Jenny's Field'. This book is of how one teacher tells her pupils the truth about fairies... they're real! Nine-year-old Nell and her six-year-old brother Charlie live in Cornwall and they have a teacher who believes in fairies. And very soon they will, too, because something has to be put right. In a charming story of fairies, children and time author Gilly Sloper creates in The Fairies of Jenny's Field a world where drawings can come to life and fairies can place their babies in the soft middles of daisies while they go to gather food. But all is not right, a terrible thing has happened and only the children can fix it, but can they find their way to the past to do it? Listen to Coast FM on 96.5 FM if you're in West Cornwall, or tune in via the link below.
16, Feb 2017